One Corner of Paradise

Documentary, 28min, 2022
CONCEPT, EDITING; CAMERA Lisbeth Kovacic ∙ SOUND RECORDING Lisbeth Kovacic, Daniela Koweindl, Mate CosicSOUND EDITING/-DESIGN Vinzenz Schwab

Portrait of a small piece of earth on which two countries happen to abut. A border crossing, previously important for customs, for the last petrol station before crossing to another state, for gastronomy. Since the motorway was built next to it and most of the traffic goes over it, the place has lost its importance. Only the pizzeris have remained and a hairdresser has opened her shop in a former customs building.
The border crossing connects two of the three countries in the border triangle, which have always been linked by family relationships, labor migration, as excursion destinations and by prejudices and wars.
The voices of people who work, live in this place or are connected to this border for other reasons blend to a narrative that is mixed with images of the mountains that define the landscape of this border.

“Paradise has always been a contested place. This is also the case in the border triangle between Austria, Slovenia and Italy. An idyllic piece of land at the foot of the picturesque Karawanken. Ever since the motorway was built, more and more customers have stayed away from the restaurants and shops. Who is to blame? The answer is knee-jerk and, as is so often the case, doesn’t make any sense – instead lovingly is spoken of “uncles Adolf and Benito”. Other locals gratefully remember the history of the Carinthians, Slovenes and their fight against the fascists, cultivate old songs and are convinced that it is wonderful to share languages and to overcome borders (including those in the mind). The filmmaker, it seems, doesn’t have to dig deep to hear these conflicting stories: it’s all there, despite all the state treaties, just below the surface. The final word is given to someone brand new to the area, fleeing a war. It’s in Arabic.” (MG, Dokumentarfilmwoche Hamburg)

Die Brücke Nr 14, 2019

* Festival der neue Heimatfilm, Freistadt
* K3 Filmfestival, Villach (nominated for the audience award)
* Dokumentarfilmwoche Hamburg