minor border

Documentary, 25 min, 2015
CONCEPT,EDITING Lisbeth Kovacic ∙ KAMERA Lisbeth Kovacic, Juri Schaden ∙ SOUND RECORDING noid, Dieter Kovacic, Juri Schaden, Lisbeth Kovacic ∙
SOUND EDITING/-DESIGN Oliver Brunbauer ∙ MUSIC Matija Schellander

A backhoe dismantles a border crossing. While the beams bend in the image, off screen an exchange of thoughts about the supposed freedom of movement in the Schengen era unfolds: Whether lines of demarcation still persevere, and to what extent after the demolition of their architectural manifestations. A subtle investigation of fact and emotion in documentary border lands. (catalogue Diagonale 2015)

Presskit (German)

* Diagonale, Festival of Austrian Film, Graz, award for the best short documentary (statement of the jury – German), 2015
* Art Film Festival , Cannes, first price, 2015
* ethnocineca, Vienna, Austrian documentary award, 2016
* Tirana International Film Festival, Best European Short, 2016
* Cinemigrante , Buenos Aires Special Mention, 2016

* Sarajevo Film Festival, documentary competition, 2015
* Architectur Film Days, Budapest, 2015
* dotdotdot Film Festival, Vienna, 2015
* DokuFest, Prizren, 2015
* Bock auf Kultur, Fluchtfilmtage, Vienna, 2015
* VERZIO int. Human Rights Documenatry Film Festival, Budapest, 2015
* ZAGREBDOX, Zagreb, 2016
* One World Romania, Bucharest, 2016
* Wiener Festwochen, into the city, Vienna 2016
* Eastern Neighbours Film Festival, Den Haag, 2016

* flimmit
* East Silver Market – East Silver Caravan 2015